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Statutory Documents

Unless otherwise stated, these policies were reviewed in summer 2021 and ratified by the Governing Body in the autumn term 2021.

All the Financial Accounts are published at the end of the year – December and uploaded to the Website then.

As part of the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 we are required to publish information in respect of employees who were relevant Trade Union officials each year. This is also below under Annual Report and Accounts.

Publication of Executive Pay

The trust must publish on its website in a separate readily accessible form the number of employees whose benefits exceeded £100k, in £10k bandings, for the previous year ended 31 August. Benefits for this purpose include salary, employers’ pension contributions, other taxable benefits and termination payments. Trusts may wish to display this information in a tabular form showing in each column salary, pension etc. This information is on the Annual Reports and Accounts section below.

The following are available upon request:

  • Admission register
  • Attendance register
  • Minutes of, and papers considered at, meetings of the Governors

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