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Parents Welcome


We extend a warm welcome to all parents and carers. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where every student feels valued, supported, and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

As a result, we encourage you to actively engage with our college community by attending our Parent Focus Group or joining the Friends of St Michael’s, a group of volunteers who work on projects to enhance the experience for everyone at the college. We value your involvement as it plays a crucial role in your child’s academic and lifelong journey.

Edulink One – to contact parents/carers

The College uses of EduLink One to increase the quality of information to parents and continue our commitment to paperless systems by reducing workload, reducing costs and increasing time for our core purpose of teaching and learning.  Therefore, we will deliver all reports and communication to parents and carers while using the app and website.  EduLink One uses live data from SIMS with the potential to complete registers quickly, create seating plans, view or add progress, achievement or behaviour data, set detentions, communicate with parents, book resources such as Chromebooks and much more.!/login

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at to support you and your child in every way we can.

We look forward to a rewarding partnership with you and your family this year and beyond.