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GCSE Results 2017

St Michael’s Catholic College is delighted to build on its outstanding A level performance of last week with a sensational set of GCSE results. Once again, the college has achieved well above national averages with 81% of students achieving a pass in both English and Maths, while over 25% of students achieved above grade 7 in both subjects and a number of students gained the coveted grade 9.

The highest achieving student in the college, Teofisto Consistente who gained 9A* grades and an outstanding 9, said ‘I have never been happier. I didn’t expect to do as well as that. The first thing I did was to phone home and my parents and my sister are so proud of me. This is the first step in my dream of becoming a doctor.’

Other highly successful students were Marron Marasigan who said ‘I think that I have done really well. I cannot wait to tell my parents. My A* in science means that I can study the sciences at A level. Shaun Sevume who achieved 100% in two physics papers was also looking forward to studying science A level at the St Michael’s Sixth Form ‘I did better than I expected and I am really looking forward to A levels’

Students planning to study the humanities at A level were equally thrilled. Shannen Lohan said ‘I got a 9 in English Literature which has delighted me because that’s the subject I most wanted to do at A level.’

95% Grade 4 or above English

83% Grade 4 or above Maths 

81% Grade 4 or above English and Maths 53% Grade 5 or above English and Maths

32% EBACC strong pass (grade 5 or above)

88% 5 A* – C grades

100% A* – C (or equivalent): Maths (higher tier), Computer Science, Design Technology, Music, Italian

Student Destinations – 95% of students moved into further education/training or employment.

A Level Results Day 2017

54 % of grades at A*-B

42 % of Pupils attained A/ A*

Above national average Level 3 Value added

Vocational average grade = Distinction *

100% A*-B in Fine Art, French, Italian, Product Design

87% A*-B in Business and Extended Project

23 A Level subjects achieved 100% overall pass rate

ALPS grade 3 for A ‘Level and ALPS grade 1 for vocational

Highest Attaining students

Jake Fernandes A*AAAA

Holly Lancaster A*A*AA

Emily Byrne A*AAA

Laura Szomanski AAAAB

Alex Johnson AAAA

Thomas Mulligan AAAB

Saffron Mustafa AAAB

Victoria Nwaesei A*ABB

Ryan Bellenie AABB

Chelsea Holloway Higgins D*D*D*

James Mulvihill Hopkins D*D*D*

Brogan Scott D*D*D*

Moses Wanzala D*D*D*

Please note D* = Distinction *

English and Maths Progress

English – 92.3% pass rate – 12/13 students.

Maths – 33.3% pass rate – 6/18 students.

Overall Grades (all subjects)

8.4%      A*

18.2%    A

26.7%    B

24.4%    C

APS per entry (level 3 students) 33.01

APS per entry (A-level) 32.2 (C+)

APS per entry (Academic) 32.43 (C+)

APS in England (A-level) 32.2 (C+)

APS in Southwark (A Level) 32.78 (C+)

APS in London (A Level) 31.36 (C)

Student Destinations – 89% go onto further education, 9% go on to Apprenticeships and 2% go on to work

Student Retention – 92% of students complete their study


GCSE Results 2016

St Michael’s 2016 GCSE results are outstanding once again

At St Michael’s students and staff are celebrating another year of spectacular results having achieved exceptional outcomes for all new progress measures including English and Maths, the Ebacc, along with Progress 8 and Attainment 8.

Progress and attainment 8:

The college is awaiting the national data, however early indications are that students from St Michael’s have exceeded the new measures of Progress and Attainment 8. It is hoped that ratification in November will confirm these exceptional outcomes.

86% of students achieved A* – C in English (93% with English literature)

81% of students achieved an A-C in both English and Maths

82% of students achieved A* – C in Maths

100 A* grades were awarded

52% of students achieved the Ebacc Qualifications

28% of students achieved A and A*

Once again St Michael’s students have surpassed themselves in their attainment across all subjects, including EBACC.

A and A* success:

Notable successes were in Further science where 86% of student achieved either an A* or A grade, Product Design with 46 % of students at A and A*, Law and Media Studies both with 43% of students awarded A and A*, Computer science with 41% of students awarded A and A*, French with 40% at A and A*.

Individual students also performed outstandingly:

Chloe Vu: 11A*

Bryan Amores: 10 A* and an A grade

Aaron Enaharo: 6A* and 5A grades

Asley Osei Thompson: 6A* and 5A grades

Joseph Lovatt Fraser: 4A* and 7 A grades

Ruby Brightwell: 6A* , 4A and a B grade

Bruno Batista- Grou: 3A*, 5A and 3 B grades

Shammai Dawit: 2 A*, 7 A and 2 b grades

Katherine Duff: 3 A*, 6 A and 2 B grades

Stephanie Estrada Garcia: 2 A*, 7A and 2 B grades

Brenda Etemewe: 3 A*, 5A a B and c grades

Bailey Masson: 3A*, 7 A and 1 B grade

Derek Obaseki: 3A*, 6A and 1 B grade

Allya Mormont: 1 A* and 10 A grades

Danielle Mokwa: 2A*, 7 A and a Band C grade

Robert Newman:1 A*,9 A and 1 B grade

Kathleeen Phillips: 2A* and 8 A grades

Artur Pienkowski: 2 A*, 5A and 3 B grades

Morgan Wilson: 2A*, 7 A grades and a B and C grade.


A Level Results Day 2016

43% A* – B

99% A* – E

Level 3 value added is a plus

73% of students achieved an A* – B grade or equivalent

Over one third of year 12 students achieved A* – B

The college is above national average for average point scores across all A level and vocational subjects.

Alps have graded our Teaching and Learning plus Provision as ‘Excellent’ for our Year 12’s and 13’s.

Yr 13 Results 2016

43% A*B and 99% A* to E

2014 Results 2015 Results 2016 Results
% of Yr 13 grades at A* – B 20 50 43
% of Yr 13 grades at A* – E 99 100 99




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St Michael’s is a successful, well-ordered and caring Catholic comprehensive College for boys and girls aged from eleven to eighteen.

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