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Applying to St Michael’s Catholic College for Year 7 entry September 2022

If you wish to apply to St Michael’s for Year 7 entry September 2022 you need to fill in the supplementary form (link to google form below) and priest form. You will need to upload your baptism certificate and proof of address to the supplementary form. If your priest gives you back the priest from then you can add that as well. If not when the priest sends it to the school it will be matched and uploaded to your application.

Please note you must also fill in the online Local Authority CAF form where you list all the schools you wish to apply to.

When you click on the link to complete the application form you will be greeted with a login screen. This is where you should enter your Google account details to access the form.  If you do not have a Google account you can sign up for free at the following address –

Link to Supplementary form –

Priest Form Yr 7 entry 2022

Admissions Policy 2022-23

Prospectus –

Please find the link to the our Y6 portal where you can kind find a wealth of information, presentations and webinars about St. Michael’s Catholic College to help you make an informed choice regarding your child’s schooling for September 2022 –

Open Days and Evening for Year 7 entry September 2022

Monday 27th September Open Day at 9:30 am & Open Evening at 4:30 pm

Wednesday 29th September at 9:30 am 

Monday 4th October at 9:30 am 

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to find out more about our College from Monday 27th September. This year we will be offering a mix of virtual and on-site tours and presentations of St. Michael’s Catholic College. If you would like to visit our premises on the dates provided above, all prospective parents, carers and children will receive a presentation by the Principal, Ms.Corcoran and be given an escorted tour of the College. You will also hear from our Head Boy and Head Girl who will take you through their experiences and successes at St. Michael’s Catholic College thus far.  This will be followed by a group of our delightful new Year 7 pupils who will tell you about how they have settled into our college community in their first few weeks. The evening will culminate with a talk by Ms Rughooputh about the admissions procedure.

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In addition to the above dates a virtual tour of the college and information from all departments will also be available on our website and our Year 6 staff portal  (more information will follow)

On Wednesday 29th at 2 pm,  Mr Magnoff, Associate Assistant Principal will present a live webinar Q&A session to provide information about how we stretch and challenge all of our pupils at St. Michaels including those identified as ‘More Able” and how you can support your child’s learning. Book Now

On Monday 4th Oct at 2pm we will hold a live webinar Q&A session with our SEND department led by Mrs Freegard and Ms Karbownik who will be giving you information about how the college supports all students with a range of needs and how we ensure that all students reach their full potential not only academically but as individuals. Who are ready able to tackle the next stage of their lives. Book Now

On Wed 6th Oct at 2pm there will be a live webinar Q&A session with a selection of our Year 11 Prefects hosted by Assistant Principal Mr Daly to answer any questions that parents or children may have about our college. This will be followed by a Q&A session led by Ms Rughooputh to answer any outstanding queries you may still have about the admissions criteria or process. Book Now

COVID-19: Please do not attend Open Day if you are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been advised to self-isolate.

All visitors to St Michael’s Catholic over the age of 11 will be required to wear a face-covering when visiting our site.

Please click on the link here to select the dates and the sessions that are of interest to you.

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 Admission Information for Year 7 September 2021

Please note we currently do not have any spaces for Year 7 in September 2021. If you have applied already and have not been successful then you can ask to be on our waiting list.

Appeals took place in June 2021 for September 2021 entry – below is a link to the appeals timetable.

Appeals Timetable

Admissions Policy for Year 7 2021

Addendum to Supplementary Form following COVID restrictions

Forms for Mid Year Application 2021-2022 only please do not use for Year 7 entry 2022

Please use the forms below if you wish to make a Mid Year Application to St Michael’s. Please note you must also fill in the Local Authority form.

Mid Year Supplememtary form 2021 -2022

Priest Form – mid year admissions – 2021-2022

Admissions Policy 2021-22