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Sixth Form and Year 7 Admissions Consultation for September 2022:

The Governing Body of St Michael’s College are consulting on admission arrangements for students applying for places for Year 7 and Sixth form for the academic year beginning in September 2022. The consultation will run for 7 weeks from now ending on Friday 22nd January 2021.  We are required to consult on our Admission Arrangements when there are significant changes/or at least every seven years. We have made some changes to our Sixth Form Admissions Policy for Autumn 2022 so need to consult on that basis. for the Year 7 Admissions Policy we have not consulted for 7 years and so need to consult on that basis. We have not made any significant changes to the Year 7 Admissions Policy. Please send any comments you may have on either of these  Policies to Susan Shaw at St Michael’s College or email  the Governors will then consider all the comments and the admission arrangements will be finalised in February 2021.

The consultation will run for seven weeks and the deadline for comments is  22nd January 2021.

The Policies are below:

St Michaels Catholic College Sixth Form Admissions for September 2022 – for Consultation

Year 7 Admissions Policy 2022 for consultation

Admission Information for Year 7 entry in September 2021

Appeals – below is a link to the appeals timetable. If your child does not receive an offer for St Michael’s College and you would like to appeal the decision then please email the College on and you will be sent a letter explaining why your child did not get a place. If you then want to appeal following this then please follow the instructions in the letter.

Appeals Timetable

Here is a link to register for our Open Days and to fill in our supplementary forms

Virtual Opening Days and Evenings

A link to the supplementary form for  Year 7 entry 2021 is below:

The Priest form and extra guidance on mass attendance is below. Please note priest forms should be sent into school by post once completed to avoid too many visitors to the school.

Supplementary Form Year 7 entry 2021

Updated Priest Form 2021

Admissions Policy for Year 7 2021

Addendum to Supplementary Form following COVID restrictions

Principal Talk  

Forms for Mid Year Application only please do not use for Year 7 entry 2021

Supplementary Form Mid Year Admission 2020- 2021

Mid Year Application 2020-2021 Priest Form