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Our College Ethos: Salesian Values and British Values

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St Michael’s is a college where students are encouraged to demonstrate Gospel, Salesian and British values through their actions and contributions to college life. These values are promoted implicitly in everything we do and explicitly through assemblies, CPHSE lessons, workshops and our Faith in Action programme and are mapped across our curriculum to ensure that students both understand their responsibility to live out these values in their daily lives and have regular opportunities to make a positive contribution to the college, the community and the country.

Our college ethos is centred around the Salesian values of RUAH:

Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour and these values underpin all that we do:


Recognising and respecting the presence of Christ in every person.


Being committed to learning and striving for academic excellence.


Sustaining high quality relationships as a result of loving kindness and consistent discipline.


Developing resilience by maintaining a balanced and optimistic approach to life.


RUAH is also Taught through our curriculum intent: 

To develop in all students the ability to enjoy thinking, generate new ideas, search for answers and explore mystery.  in Hebrew the word RUAH is ‘ the breath of life that animates the soul’