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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) and Inclusion

We are a dedicated team ensuring that the right help is offered to pupils at the right time. We believe that every pupil is entitled to the best possible education and that every child truly matters.
We aim to:
Identify pupils who require support for education, behavioural or emotional reasons.
Decide the type of support that is appropriate for each individual.
Fulfil the requirements of pupils who have a statement of Special Educational Needs.
Provide a supportive environment so that each pupil feels they are valued, thus enhancing their self-worth as a pupil of St Michael’s.
Support and enable each pupil to become a confident and independent learner, in order that they can make the most of the opportunities that St Michael’s has to offer.
What we provide:
Additional Support
The Head of SEN and Inclusion liaises with subject teachers and Heads of Department to ensure that provision is made for those pupils with an additional educational need and co-ordinates the work of outside agencies to meet the needs of pupils with a need and those who have Statements of Special Educational Need. Pupils have a wide variety of physical and emotional needs.
Reading Club
To speed the progress of pupils who have reading difficulties the SEN–Team supervises reading sessions regularly throughout the week for pupils at Key Stage 3.
Homework and computer club
Homework (3.30-4.30pm) and the computer club (8.00-8.30pm) are supervised by a Teacher Assistant Mrs Hurley from Monday to Thursday.
Special Arrangements for Examinations
Provision for examinations may include extra time, a reader or a scribe or a laptop computer.
Parent Drop In
We understand that the needs of your child are very individual. We appreciate that you, the parent or carer, will have a valuable understanding of your child’s needs. For this reason, we welcome your involvement in your child’s education and will listen carefully to what you have to say. The SEND and Inclusion department provides a weekly Parent Drop In held every Thursday at 10 a.m.
Alternative Provision Base
The APB has been established to promote the inclusion of young people who are experiencing social, emotional and /or behavioural difficulties which cause disruption to their learning. This provision is very much viewed as a preventative and not punitive measure and provides students with bespoke support and interventions so that they can successfully reintegrate back into mainstream education at a pace that best suits individual needs.

Pupils can arrange sessions with our part-time counsellor to support their emotional well-being.

The school nurse:
Draws up health care plans for pupils with complex’/chronic medical conditions
Provides First Aid
Keeps up to date clinical records
Liaises with external agencies on matters of health
Delivers Health Education programmes

Southwark local offer:

Targeted Additional Provision: ‘TAP’
The college has an experienced teacher who provides targeted additional support for pupils with barriers to learning using  a solution focused and personalised approach
This member of staff also manages the library as an Open Learning Centre for all pupils who need specialist support and also works with Inclusion department and outside agencies to promote the personal safety of students
Interagency working
We are committed to inter-agency working. Our approach advocates the Child Around the Team model placing the child at the centre of our interventions and work.

To contact Mrs Freegard, SENCO, please address queries for her attention at the address of:

Inclusion and SEND Team:
Assistant Principal with responsibility for SEN and Inclusion and Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms R. Horsburgh
Head of SEN and Inclusion and Deputy Safeguarding Lead Mrs D. Freegard
Assistant Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Ms S. Karbownik
Targeted Additional Provision Co-ordinator Mrs J. Chilton-Higgins
Teaching Assistants/Learning Mentors Mr J. Ferguson

Mrs A. Hurley

Mrs C. Thornber

Ms E. Kraus

School and Paediatric Nurse     Ms L. Chabaud
Education Welfare and Attendance Officer Mrs D. Carr
School Counsellor Mrs L. Murtagh