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6th Form

Choosing a Sixth Form is a very important decision. At St Michael’s we recognise that there are no limits to a student’s potential and our aim is simple; to facilitate academic and personal success by bringing each person to the fullness of life through education within a culture or environment that embraces Gospel and Salesian values – of serving others, respect, tolerance, consistent discipline, loving kindness, reflection, forgiveness and the celebration of success. It is our belief therefore that students grow into mature and responsible adults through following the Salesian principles of RUAH:

· Respect: Recognising and respecting the presence of Christ in every person

· Understanding: Being committed to learning and striving for academic excellence

· Affection: Sustaining high quality relationships as a result of loving kindness and consistent discipline

· Humour: Developing resilience by maintaining a balanced and optimistic approach to life

St Michael’s Catholic College Sixth Form was founded in September 2011 in order to serve the students in our community and provide them with the opportunity to continue their education within a rigorous and caring Catholic context which, over the past few years, has grown into a thriving and exciting place to study. The College was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in both 2011 and 2013 and our Sixth Form builds on this in every aspect.

Our Sixth Form curriculum is shaped to offer students both academic and personal challenges, as well as the space to develop and pursue their own interests; preparing them for the competitive world of either work or University. As a Catholic College we ensure that our students have continued opportunities to develop and reflect on their own faith and we expect them to participate as members of the College in community acts of worship.

Our Sixth Formers are leaders within the College and we have high expectations of work, appearance and behaviour. Our Sixth Formers take on key roles and responsibilities across the college and work with us to secure St Michael’s as a place of outstanding learning. We welcome applicants to our Sixth Form who have a real desire to benefit from the courses offered and the structured environment we provide, together with a Christian, caring community.