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College Standards

St Michael’s Catholic College Standards and Sanctions


Discipline is based on common sense, Christian caring and personal relationships. Co-operation between parents and college is expected. If a pupil fails in the required standard of discipline and work, he/she may normally be punished in any of the following ways.
a) Extra work
b) Detentions
c) Withdrawal from lessons (in extreme cases)
d) Community service
Behaviour which disrupts the learning of other pupils may result in exclusion from college on either a temporary or permanent basis.
Please go to the reports and policies page on the website to view the full college behaviour policy or a link is below:

St Michaels Catholic College Behaviour Policy 2019-20


Each pupil is issued with a journal. Parents are expected to check it daily, sign it weekly, comment in it and replace it if it is lost, at a price of £5.00. It is an essential part of a pupil’s equipment.


Homework is an extension of the college day. If a pupil has insufficient homework, parents should notify us immediately. Failure to complete homework is regarded as serious and will be dealt with accordingly.


All parents are expected to attend Parents’ Evening to discuss their child’s progress with the teachers concerned and the Leader of Learning.

Governors’ Fund

The Governors’ fund is used as supplementary finance for college activities. Each family is written to, to ask for a contribution of an amount decided by the Governors.

Change of Address

The Secretary should be notified in writing immediately of any change in address or telephone number.

Governors’ Statement on Personal Property

Pupils are not allowed to bring to college any items of great value. E.g. money, jewellery etc.
If a pupil contravenes this rule and any articles are lost or stolen whilst the pupil is on the college premises, the Governors of the College will not accept responsibility even if the items have already been confiscated. Confiscated items will be placed in the college safe until the end of term, when they will be returned.

Religious Practice

Parents are reminded of their duty, by their words and example, to help their child remain a fully practising Catholic during his/her stay at St Michael’s. Regular attendance at Sunday Mass, keeping the Commandments and frequently receiving the Sacraments are outward signs of this commitment.

Actions and Reactions

Please click the link:
St Michaels Catholic College Behaviour Policy 2018-19