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Ethos and Expectations

St Michael’s Catholic College Ethos and Expectations

The College is committed to bringing each student to the fullness of life through education. At St Michael’s we recognise there are no limits to a child’s potential and our aim is simple; to facilitate academic and personal success by bringing each person to the fullness of life through education within an environment that embraces Gospel and Salesian values – of serving others, respect, tolerance, consistent discipline, loving kindness, reflection, forgiveness and the celebration of success. It is our belief therefore that students grow into mature and responsible adults through following the Salesian principles of RUAH:

  • Respect: Recognising and respecting the presence of Christ in every person
  • Understanding: Being committed to learning and striving for academic excellence
  • Affection: Sustaining high quality relationships as a result of loving kindness and consistent discipline
  • Humour: Developing resilience by maintaining a balanced and optimistic approach to life

Our students are expected to demonstrate these values through their actions and interactions in the following ways:

Respect: Demonstrating Gospel and British values in your words and actions, serving the college and local community, being an ambassador for St Michael’s.

Understanding: Being committed to your education, having excellent attendance and punctuality, working as hard as you can in lessons and at home,  your books reflect consistently high effort and your behaviour in and around the college is excellent.

Affection: Being polite and respectful to all staff and visitors, being helpful, working well with others, supporting and encouraging others to do well.

Humour: Displaying positive attitudes to learning, overcoming challenges, participating in house and college events, doing your best to realise your ambitions.

The success of St Michael’s Catholic College is built on these shared values. St John Bosco famously said “It is not enough for children to be loved; they must know that they are loved.

At St Michael’s Catholic College, we strive to live up to this ideal every day.