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At St Michael’s we are proud to have a range of subject specialists teaching our students. Additionally, we have staff who provide high levels of support whether in terms of their welfare or in the wider life of the college.

Please find below our most recent staff list. We aim to contact parents as soon as possible when matters arise.

STAFF LIST 2023-24

Our teams of Leaders of Learning/Deputies oversee the pastoral life of students in each year group and are named as below.

  • Year 7 Mrs Brissaud-Baudry & Mr Burton
  • Year 8 Mrs Weatherley & Miss Cumber
  • Year 9 Mr Lewis & Ms Yon
  • Year 10 Mr Parker & Ms Roshier
  • Year 11 Miss Hayden & Mr Ferguson
  • Year 12 Mr Williams
  • Year 13 Miss Osei

If you need to contact a member of staff, please phone reception or email:

Please ensure you state the full name of your child and their tutor group, if applicable.

Any safeguarding concerns should be addressed to Ms Freegard, as above.