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Technology for Learning at St Michael’s Catholic College

Please note: page last updated 21st June 2022. The laptop model and payments are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

St Michael’s is moving forward to enable students to have access to their own one-to-one device to support learning within school and at home anytime and anywhere. These devices are used to enhance the great teaching that takes place in the college and beyond.

The Lease-to-buy Package

When you sign-up to the St Michael’s Technology for Learning one-to-one scheme, you will receive the following package:

  • Acer Chromebook 311 (C722)
  • Sleeve for the Chromebook
  • Google Licences and enrolment of software
  • Up to 36 months warranty
  • Up to 36 months repair service – including a replacement device whilst yours may be away for repair

Device Specification

Sign up to the Parent/Carer Scheme

Year(s) Monthly payments and period of warranty/repair Fixed monthly payment
7, 8, 9 36 months £12.23
24 months £17.63
12 months £33.78
Cash option £391.77
* Please note that payments for Year 10 students can only be for 12 or 24 months

Above is the monthly pricing and also the specification for the recommended laptop. There is also the option to purchase the device outright. There are no credit checks in any case.

We will be prioritising a limited number of laptops for parents/carers of children who are currently in receipt of Free School Meals, or have been in the last 6 years.


How to place an order:

You can sign up to the scheme via the Freedom Tech online portal. Sign up details will be issued to you by the school.

Portal website address:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Technology for Learning Scheme

We want to help provide a device which can be used effectively at school but also is a great computer for pupils to use at home. By the school brokering a large purchase of the device and associated package, we can offer the device to parents that is competitively priced compared to the high street or online. The college is contributing to the management and software provision of the devices, but does not have the resources to pay for all pupils to have their own a device. We are acutely aware of the financial contribution we are requesting and believe that providing a payment plan provides an affordable solution for parents who would find such a purchase difficult.

When you have completed your payments, the device is yours to keep.

We would expect you to complete the scheme once signed-up, but please don’t hesitate to contact college if your circumstances change.

The college owns the device until the scheme has been completed and all payments have been made.

There would be no refund of received donations. However, if the outstanding balance is cleared by the parent/carer they will own the device.

Once you have committed to the scheme you would be expected to complete the payment for the full duration, as per any other agreement of this type.

All students will be expected to have a laptop device. Parents/carers are welcome to purchase a device that meets the minimum specification required by the college for learning. The college will lend a suitable device for students receiving Free School Meals.

In School

The vast majority of our pupils carry mobile phones at a similar or greater value than the device. Whilst the device is a desirable object, it is highly likely, loss or theft would only occur where the device is left unattended. We encourage students to store their device in a locker, which provides charging points and security within the college.

A ‘device lesson’ will look very similar to a lesson without a device and expectations of pupils will be exactly as they are now. The main difference will be that the device will be used to enhance the learning which takes place. There is no expectation for staff to deliver lessons fully based on the device. Our staff will inform students in the lesson before the next that they intend for devices to be used.

The device should be stored in the pupil’s bag, inside the case provided or in a chargeable locker.

Parents/carers should make a returnable deposit of £30 on Parent Pay. The payment should be made under the heading of Chromebook deposit. Students should then be issued with a key. It is important that students take responsibility for the key. Any key that is lost results in a Friday/Saturday detention and a £10 deduction from the deposit.

In any event, the student should bring the device to be assessed for damage by the IT office on the second floor.

For devices that are part of the lease-to-buy scheme, there will be no interruption in service as we will have a ‘swap stock’ of laptops for affected students. A courier will pick up the device from the college and aim to complete the repairs within two weeks.


It is the aim of this scheme for most files to be stored on Google Drive using cloud storage. This means that students can use the Internet for saving their work in addition to any use of the hard disk.

Yes. The college provides unique charging facilities with chargeable lockers to be available for every child.  Pupils will be expected to have a fully charged device at the start of each school day.  A fully charged device is a required part of the pupil’s equipment.  If a pupil comes to school without their device or one which is not adequately charged then they will receive sanctions in line with the school’s Behaviour or IT Policy. Please also see the above question How does my child get a locker?

We would expect devices to be charged for the start of each school day, so responsibility will be put on pupils to ensure they come to school with a fully charged device.

To fully utilise their device, pupils would need access to the internet to connect to our network. However, the device will store recent work ‘offline’ and then re-sync when back in school or on the internet.

The apps are licensed to St Michael’s Catholic College or the device. Should you have paid outright or own the device, the Chromebook can have a factory reset to restore it to its original settings.

All work will be stored securely on Google Drive and is saved as you work on the device. This work is then available to any device connected to the internet (with your username and password) and can easily be shared with teachers and other pupils.