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“One of the best ways you stand out during your Sixth Form studies is through the amount of independent study you undertake outside of the classroom. Regardless of your future plans, the ability to extend yourself and research independently into your interests is an invaluable skill – this will support your university applications and/or future job applications and interviews. All universities expect more than just classroom knowledge, which is where super-curricular activities come in; these are academic enrichment tasks that show you are interested in your studies beyond what is on the school syllabus.”


James Watson: DNA: The Secret of Life or The Double Helix: Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA

Charles Darwin: The origin of species

Useful websites:

  1. 1. – An interactive cell biology site
  2. – A web site showing illustrations of many processes of biotechnology
  3. – Visit the world of electron-microscopy
  4. – Explore the genetic code
  5. – Details of the history of the best scientific discoveries
  6. – The site of the scientific journal
  7. – Podcasts, news and interviews with scientists about recent scientific developments
  8. – The London Natural History Museum’s website with lots of interesting educational material
  9. – The website of the British Medical Journal
  10. – The BBC news page for Science and the Environment