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South London Cup Football Match


On Thursday 17th December the Y8 boys Football team played Peckham Academy in the 2nd round of the South London Cup. Well, in a bizarre series of events, Peckham Academy turned up with their year 9 team. Instead of abandoning the game, both teams agreed to go ahead with the match as a “friendly” (the result would not effect either teams progression in the tournament).

St Michael’s Catholic College and Peckham Academy played with the upmost respect for one-another.

St Michael’s set up with a 3-1-3-1 formation whereas Peckham Academy used a 4-3-1 arrangement.

For the first five minutes the game was even, but it wasn’t long before two quick successive goals from Terrell Agyemang and Julien Sarmiento-Ramirez gave St Michael’s the lead.

Peckham Academy held a line of defence on the edge of their eighteen yard box which invited St Michael’s to press forward and score four more goals to make the final score 6-1.

Terrell Agyemang (3), Julien Sarmiento-Ramirez (2) and Clement Scott (1) sealed the win for St Michael’s.

The players voted Clement Scott player of the match for his ability to effectively play the defensive midfield position.

Well done to both teams for their positive attitude towards the game.

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