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Outward Bound


Outward Bound Canada


This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience which I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in – on this trip I made so many new friends and new memories which I know will stay with me for a lifetime.

For 21 days I canoed and camped, in what were at first challenging both mentally and physically but as the course went on the challenge became less difficult as I leaned new things, new skills and grew, thanks to the instructors and fellow students on the trip.

Three weeks away from everything, technology and civilisation might sound impossible and it was crazy, but it was also a refreshing experience.

It helped me to grow and reflect on who I was as a person, and what I wanted in life and the privileges I was granted with.

This experience was unforgettable and I would highly recommend anybody to take part, and wish them as good of an experience, that I was fortunate enough to have had.

Jack Roff