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Newcastle Trip


At the beginning of this year in January, our Year 11 students took part in a trip to Newcastle which nurtured both their spiritual and intellectual life.
Four students describe this enriching experience.

The New Castle trip was a great example to travel up north, to a different setting, to go to a religious retreat.
This retreat, the best of year 11, was educational as well as fun and exciting. Everyone there was helpful providing great food as well as a great time.Whilst in the camp site we did a number of activities such as playing games, we also watched a film called “Peaceful Warrior” which was about Tim Miller, professional gymnast who had to learn how to clear his mind. As we watched it bit by bit we learnt the moral of the story and how he was progressing .Although sometimes listening to stories we’ve heard a hundred times before may be boring, one volunteer, Phil, made the story of Adam and Eve exciting using hand gestures, noises and great voices to tell the story.My personal favourite time was listening to the stories of the volunteers and what they have been doing. For many people it gave them the confidence and a trusting relationship was formed between the volunteers and students. My tea-making confidence grew as everybody knew I made “the best cuppa’”.

The three-day trip to Newcastle was an eye opening experience.It included both fun activities and vital revision tips to help us students achieve our full potential in our upcoming GCSE examinations.The first day included getting to know the staff at the Youth Ministry Trust who were very open and kind to us and shared their stories and experiences. The first member of staff who was able to quickly interact with us as young people was Arasu. He led the activities and games quickly grabbing our attention with his comedy. Aside from this he spared wisdom in his words and taught us to appreciate what we are given from God. We were also fortunate enough to experience the open green fields of the countryside, a rare experience for us Londoners.
The trip was faith based, and the staff at YMT managed to make the activities fun so making them more memorable for us. They delivered their information in such a way, it actually made us stop to think about ourselves and the decisions we make in our daily lives. Overall the experience was unforgettable.

I really enjoyed Newcastle because it inspired me to revise more. The activities were really fun, it let me reflect on my life and how I should change it for the better and improve my lifestyle. The trip as a whole was eye-opening, gave me tips for revision, which is helping me. It also brought me closer to God and time to think, why I am a Christian. We went to Newcastle University, which surprised me because some famous people went to the University.
Naomi – Yr 11

The visit to Newcastle University was an experience I will never forget- not just due to the cold, but because the overall vibe and atmosphere that the people in the University showed towards us was great!
I never thought about moving outside of London to go to University, but there at the University , they really opened my eyes to the aspect of it. When we first arrived they gave us a talk in one of their lecture rooms so we could get a feel of what it really felt like. We also found out some very interesting facts – who knew you could have a HARIBO society!
They then split us into groups and took us on a tour around the grounds.
I was really impressed was that the university was so large (we had to cross streets), yet every block we went into had a warm and welcoming feel to it.
Overall, the trip to Newcastle University has helped me to broaden my horizons and realise there is such thing as fun outside of London!
Ife – Yr 11