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Media Studies

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Media Studies

Head of Department – Mr Pillai

Why should I study this subject?

Singer-songwriter Jim Morrison once said “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” To study the mass media is to understand what influences the way we think, what we buy, how we behave and why. Studying this subject will provide you with the ability to answer these questions, find out more about the power of the mass media and its influence over those who consume it.

You will learn how media industries function through a variety of media texts across a range of media forms such as television, publishing, advertising and music. You will learn how media texts can be used to communicate meanings and ideas. You will also develop your own digital production skills in order to prepare yourself for further education after your GCSE’s.

What will I get at the end of the course?

You will gain valuable digital production skills using industry standard software. You will also be able to question the intentions of media producers and industries and analyse media texts to a proficient level. You will also develop strong research, planning and project management skills and be able to target a specific audience with your own media production.

What will I do on the course?

It is not enough to simply enjoy consuming media content. The course will encourage you to explore and analyse a range of media texts from various time periods. In addition, you will plan, construct and evaluate your own practical project for a specific audience through the coursework unit, which represents 30% of your GCSE qualification.

At the end of the two-year course, you will also sit an examination where you will have to demonstrate your understanding of specific media texts and media industries. The exam represents the remaining 70% of your qualification. The GCSE course is heavily dependent upon the development of literacy skills, with written tasks and assessments a regular feature of the course. Creativity is also vital for success in the coursework unit so if you enjoy subjects like English, Art or Music then GCSE Media Studies could be a very satisfying course to study.

What can I do after the course?

GCSE Media Studies offers excellent preparation for any one of the range of Media or Film Studies courses available in further education and sixth form.  These include traditional A levels in Media and Film Studies or more vocational courses such as BTEC Diplomas, which offer students the path to higher education and a wider variety of course options at university level.