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Parent Focus Group

“From September, the staff have been fantastic. There’s not much more that can be done with clubs or what the school can do. Carry on!

– Parent quote, 14th October 2021

The Parent Focus Group aims to:

  • Support the work of St Michael’s for our students and parents/carers
  • Ensure the voices of parents/carers are listened to and acted upon
  • Promote informed communications between the college and its stakeholders through using our website, social media links, newsletters and attending events hosted in our college
  • Encourage the growth of the group with other parents/carers and the community

St Michael’s Catholic College sees parental engagement as an integral part of working with families to enhance all we do within the college and to develop the parent and student experience. For parents or carers, it provides an excellent opportunity to get involved in school life.

Our Parent Focus Group meets each half term with the Principal and member of the senior leadership team to discuss and focus upon whole school priorities. Most recently, the following improvements have been made in consultation with the group:

  • Parents have been consulted about the college’s commitment to technology for learning for every student. Students will be able to connect to our existing network to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) or to discuss a potential lease-to-buy programme.
  • Parents have found the introduction of the EduLink One parent app an excellent improvement. They asked for prompts or reminders for events to be available and this now happens with the app.
  • “Booking system was a lot, lot better for parents.”
  • Parents requested the parents’ evening survey and for booking appointments to be available online.

We welcome your involvement in improving the college with you and are actively recruiting more parents to join us.

Any interested parents and carers are asked to email the school on:  to find out more and to make expressions of interest in joining.

Please note that the Parents’ Focus Group is a forum for consulting parents and to gain feedback on matters related to the college as a whole. If you need to discuss individual matters relating to your son or daughter then please contact your child’s tutor or Leader of Learning for this reason.

Most recent meeting minutes