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SEN Team

Mrs Debbie Freegard and Ms Sylwia Karbownik

The Role of the Learning Support Unit

The Learning Support Unit at St Michael’s is an important part of curriculum and behaviour support in the school.

As part of the Government’s policy on Social Inclusion and the Every Child Matters agenda, pupils who are at risk of permanent exclusion and who are a disruptive influence in the classroom, are referred to the LSU.

Once pupils have been referred to the LSU they follow a programme which not only focuses on academic work but also at changing attitudes and behaviour. A holistic approach is adopted in both assessing and meeting the needs of these pupils.

The aim of the LSU is to successfully reintegrate the pupil into the mainstream classroom and ensure that the pupil no longer disrupts the education of others. In this way the work of the LSU can help raise overall attainment in the school.

A Wider Role

The LSU also plays a mentoring role in the school by providing help and support to pupils who are experiencing other difficulties which are impeding their progress in school.

The school employs a fully qualified counsellor from the Catholic Children’s Society as part of the preventative work organised by the LSU.

A Multi-Agency Approach Pupils who present with complex emotional and behavioural needs are often experiencing difficulties in their lives outside of school. For this reason the LSU works closely with a variety of external agencies with the aim of helping to co-ordinate a range of interventions designed to support and meet the needs of our most vulnerable young people.

St Michael’s Special Educational Needs Policy