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A-level Modern Foreign Languages

Select study level: Main School Curriculum Sixth Form Curriculum

The MFL Faculty Team
Ms Dearden (Co-Head of MFL)

Mr Toledo (Co-Head of MFL)

Ms Horsburgh (Assistant Principal/Teacher of MFL)

Mr Daly (Assistant Principal/Teacher of MFL)

Ms Brissaud-Baudry (Assistant Leader of Learning Year 9/Teacher of MFL

Ms Banks (Teacher of MFL)

Miss Carr (Teacher of MFL)

Mrs Guembe (Teacher of MFL)

Key Stage 5

During the two years, students build on their prior knowledge and expand their understanding of the structure of French or Spanish in order to develop their interest in the culture, current affairs and the way of life of the Francophone and Spanish speaking world.

The following exams are taken at the end of year 13:

Paper 1: Listening, reading and writing. 2hr 30 minutes – 50% of A Level.

Paper 2: Writing. 2 hours- 20% of A Level (essays on a book and a film)

Paper 3: Speaking. 21-23 minutes (including 5 minutes preparation time) – 30% of A Level.

Some of topics studied:

      • Immigration
      • Racism
      • Equal rights
      • Cyberspace
      • Contemporary French/Spanish music
      • Cultural heritage
      • Today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens
      • Cinema
      • Literature
      • The changing nature of family
      • Prehispanic civilisations
      • Delinquency and public order