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A-Level Psychology

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To study Psychology is essentially to study what it is to be human. Psychology attempts to provide explanations for what makes us who we are and why people behave in the ways they do. It considers development from before birth through to old age, the changes taking place, and how these affect thought and behaviour. Psychology also considers how we affect, and are in turn affected by, the people around us and the society in which we live. It tries to explain why people are so alike in some respects and yet so different in others.

You will gain considerable experience in thinking critically, as you will be required to not only understand the theories covered but also evaluate them, taking into consideration evidence for and against, quality of evidence, and the logical coherence of the theories. You will gain a better understanding of the brain and the biological systems which make up part of who we are, and you will design and carry out research and learn the limitations of different methods.

What you will study

We follow the AQA specification.

Year 12

Candidates develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology through a range of topics:

Cognitive psychology, developmental psychology,social psychology, biological psychology, individual differences, approaches in psychology  and research methods.

Year 13

Candidates build on prior knowledge and extend their understanding through a range of topics:

Issues and debates in psychology, statistical methods in research methods, aggression, schizophrenia and gender.

Key Skills

Students will use theories, models and ideas to develop and modify scientific explanations, consider ethical issues in the treatment of humans, other organisms and the environment and evaluate methodology, evidence and data, and resolve conflicting evidence.

There are three two hour  papers for the A level. Consisting of short answer, multiple choice questions as well as extended writing questions.

What are the entry requirements?

There will be a considerable amount of statistical analyses which will require pupils to have at least a grade 6 in Maths,  the written content of the course will require at least a 6 in English and a grade 6 is also required in science.