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About St Michael's Catholic College

St Michael’s is a successful, well-ordered and caring mixed Catholic comprehensive College for students aged eleven to eighteen. We are very proud of our examination successes which are regularly above the local and national averages.

At St Michael’s we recognise there are no limits to a child’s potential and our aim is simple; to facilitate academic and personal success by bringing each person to the fullness of life through education within a culture and environment that embraces Gospel and Salesian values – of serving others, respect, tolerance, consistent discipline, loving-kindness, reflection, forgiveness and the celebration of success. It is our belief therefore that students grow into mature and responsible adults through following the Salesian principles of RUAH:

  • Respect: Recognising and respecting the presence of Christ in every person
  • Understanding: Being committed to learning and striving for academic excellence
  • Affection: Sustaining high quality relationships as a result of loving-kindness and consistent discipline
  • Humour: Developing resilience by maintaining a balanced and optimistic approach to life

Our team of well-qualified, dedicated staff work creatively and professionally to ensure that all students flourish and achieve our goal of academic excellence. We have a progressive approach to developing and delivering our curriculum while we tailor our learning environment to meet the needs of students; providing an extra challenge for those who are intellectually gifted and offering learning support for those in need.

St Michael’s new build facilitates 21st-century learning and has excellent facilities and resources to benefit the whole community.

At St Michael’s we take the time to build a genuine partnership between the family and school since we believe that partnership with parents is vital to every child’s future success.