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Year 7 Retreat


The R.E. department is excited to be offering all students in Year 7 the opportunity to attend a retreat. This will be held in the school hall and run by Sr. Pauline, from our Salesian community, with the support of the R.E. team. This retreat is focused on allowing students to explore and reflect on the idea of friendship through our Salesian Values.

The sessions will run from 9am-12.15 with their teaching groups on the following dates:

Tuesday 5th November7S and 7A
Wednesday 6th November7F and 7D
Monday 11th November7B and 7M

After lunch, students will be returning to normal lessons and therefore should be dressed in school uniform and have their equipment for lesson 4b and 5.

We look forward to providing your child the opportunity to explore their faith and relationships through the retreat. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Caden.