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Year 12 into year 13 – Guidance for Parents

In order to ensure that our students are as fully prepared for the demands of year 13 as possible, the college has put into place a number of strategies to support their transition and enable them to be successful both in their university or apprenticeship applications as well as to achieve the highest grades in their subjects.

Students will have a number of tasks to complete over the summer and we welcome your support in ensuring that these are completed to the highest standard possible.

University applications:

  • Before returning to year 13, all students wishing to apply to university should create a UCAS profile and fill in the data entry. After 13 August they will be able to complete this using their exam results.
  • Students should search course and institutions before making up to 5 choices on their application. Regarding their suitability for certain courses, they should look at standard offers, using their AS results and A2 or BTEC target grades as a rough indication of what they can hope to achieve in Year 13.
  • Students should start to draft their personal statement.

St Michael’s deadline: students would ideally be ready to submit applications before October 24th, 2015.

Early entry confers two possible advantages: firstly, some institutions will make early offers of places; secondly, having your UCAS applications completed earlier means that you are able to concentrate on passing your A levels/ BTEC in what is a busy and demanding year.

EPQ (this applies only to those students who began this in year 12)

St Michael’s deadline: The central part of the Extended Project Qualification- the product- should be completed over summer 2015.

Completing the product over summer allows students freedom to focus on study and UCAs application in the Autumn term. The relatively light work of the reflection and presentation stages of the EPQ can be done, largely independently, in the Spring term.

Summer Transition tasks

Students are expected to complete tasks set by their class teachers in all subjects if they are studying for A level, or a BTEC transition task.

St Michael’s deadline: These are submitted upon return to Year 13.

In the Autumn tem of Year 13 all parents will be invited into school to discuss their son/daughter’s university choices.

Should students have any issues with the UCAS process they should contact Ms Rughooputh or Mr Smith at school.