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Continued A’Level Success at St Michael’s!


Staff and students are celebrating another outstanding set of results for our Sixth formers.

The college congratulates all the students who will be taking up places to begin their undergraduate studies in such diverse subjects Law, mathematics, History and politics, Computer science, Psychology, French and economics, to name but a few. The students will be joining their fellow St Michael’s Alumni at prestigious institutions such as Warwick, Southampton, Cardiff, Leeds, Keele, Sussex, Kent , Nottingham and Queen Mary’s. We wish them every success in the future.

Particular congratulations got to:
Bryan Amores: A*, A, A, A, B
Marie Dominique N’Douba Assemian: A*, A, B, B
Aaron Enaharo: A, A, A, A
Ryan Long: A, A, B
Bailey Masson: A, A, B
Katherine Duff: A, A, B, C
Robert Newman: A, A, B, B
Derek Obaseki: A, A, A, B
Tishalina Reddie: A*, A*, A*
Martin Rivera; A*, A, A, B
Bilikisu Salami: A*, A, A, A, B
Millie Toomey: A, A, B
Jed Young A,A,B,B

The average grade for students completing technical qualifications is D* and congratulations go to:
Jan Aguilar, Wiktor Antczak, Miroslav Cizmar, Mateo Guembe Young, Shannon Payne and Patrick Wojciechowski for their outstanding achievements.

Other subjects that performed extremely well, with A and A* grades awarded to students in: Maths, Computer Science, History, Law, Economics, English Literature , Business, Chemistry, French, Government and Politics, Geography , Philosophy and Ethics and Spanish.