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Outward Bound Canada Trip


The Stuart Horne bursary gave me the opportunity to go canoeing and backpacking in Canada for 3 weeks. It was not simply an experience I enjoyed and have moved on from. Being subjected to storming weather and reaching my physical limit on little food I was able to learn more about myself: my strengths and more importantly what I could change about myself. For 21 days I canoed and made camp at a new site with a group of 12 others, working together to build teamwork skills, having the opportunity to take leadership to complete a common daily-goal. With no outside contact or access to any form of technology we were able to see the everyday luxuries we don’t notice and take for granted. It was an experience anyone could benefit from. It was an absolutely incredible trip stretching out over 200km. I’d encourage anyone to take part in if given the opportunity.

Bruno Batista – Year 13 Student

If you would like to see more pictures of the trip they are in our Gallery on the Website.