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Inter-Schools Essay Competition 2015


St Michael’s students, Oliwia Bienkowska and Jose Sazon are prize winners of the Inter-Schools Essay Competition 2015.

The award event took place on the 1st December 2015, where there was an ceremony hosted by ING bank in London. The competition was based on writing a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer explaining the current issues that the new government faces and some solutions on how to solve them. The event lasted 2 hours where students got to talk to various bank managers and find out more about their various roles. Oliwia Bienkowska was the school winner of the competition and received a £100 prize and Jose Sazon was the runner-up and received a £50 prize. The overall 3 winners of the whole competition got a larger prize and also an opportunity to have a weeks’ worth of work experience in the summer with NatWest Bank.

By Oliwia Bienkowska