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Dragon’s Den


After workshops, before and after school sessions, and presentations to ‘The Dragons’, On Wednesday 16th December the students finally got the chance to sell their products at Borough Market.

The students all played their part over the project and the selling day was no exception. With only half an hour left before the selling deadline, the students managed to sell out of all of their products! (To which there was a huge cheer and a round of applause from our students to the lucky final customer).

Some of our students did some research around the other schools stalls and found out that Charter had sold £250 worth of products on the day, which unfortunately did outdo the £119.85 that we managed to earn.

With each school being given £250 to spend it came down to how much of the budget we had spent to determine who ended up with the most overall profit and in turn the win.

Charter Spent all of their budget meaning that they broke even.

St Michael’s only Spent £16 on materials meaning that they made a brilliant £103! The students have decided to give this money to Cancer Research UK.

This means that St Michael’s have now won back to back competitions!

All of the students were brilliantly behaved and were a credit to themselves.

Mr T Parker

Dragons Den