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The Law Faculty Team – Ms Belvett

At St. Michael’s pupils are privileged to study Law. The department aims at not only delivering the Law syllabus, but also at allowing pupils to see the relevance of law to their daily lives.

Pupils who elect study Law, will follow the AQA syllabus through years 10 and 11 culminating in their final examination. At A ‘Level, pupils follow a two year programme of study aimed at continuing their understanding of the English legal system and preparing them for the study of more substantive law.

The Law course at both key stages is based on 100% examination set on the topics below:

Year 10 Course outline
Term 1     Introduction to Law & the Courts and Processes including criminal and civil courts
Term 2    People in the Law and the legal profession including solicitors, barrister, lay magistrates, judges and jurors
Term 3    Sources of English Law including Parliamentary law making, judicial precedent and the relationship between different sources of law

Year 11 course outline
Term 1     Criminal Law: fatal offences, non-fatal offences and property offences
Term 2     General Defences, Special Defences and problems with the criminal law
Term 3     Family Law: marriage, divorce, succession as well as revision of year 10 work

Curriculum Content Law KS4

As Course outline
– Unit 1: Law Making and the Legal System
– Unit 2: The Concept of Liability

A2 Course outline
– Unit 3: Criminal Law (Offences against the Person) or Contract Law
– Unit 4: Criminal Law (Offences against Property) or Tort, AND Concepts of Law.