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Food Technology

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Home Economics: Food and Nutrition
60% controlled assessment
40% theory exam

The controlled assessment, Unit 2 Food in Practice, comprises two externally-set tasks which together make up 60% of the assessment for this specification, weighted as follows An Individual Investigation 45% (approximately 18 hours) A Research Task 15% (approximately 6–8 hours) Both the Individual Investigation and the Research Task must be chosen from a range of tasks provided by AQA on an annual basis.

Within the tasks candidates will be expected to demonstrate their ability to recall, apply and communicate their knowledge and understanding within a specific context related to the subject content of the specification. They will also be expected to use their skills and knowledge to plan and carry out appropriate investigations and activities and to analyse and evaluate information and evidence, using these to make reasoned judgements and present conclusions.

The exam covers the following topics which will be taught through year 10 and 11:

  • nutrition, diet and health throughout life
  • nutritional, physical, chemical and sensory properties of foods in storage, preparation and cooking
  • techniques and skills in food storage, preparation and cooking
  • factors affecting consumer choice
  • food hygiene and safety

Curriculum Content Food Technology KS4