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Castle Attack


The History Department have been asking Year 7 to examine how Castles have transformed over time. Year 7 have risen to the occasion by creating a vast range of different types of castles. Some of the models detail the first castles used in this country, the Motte and Bailey, used by William the conqueror after 1066 to subdue the Anglo Saxon peasantry. As siege tactics developed so did castles, some of our models show the Stone Keep that followed with the aptly named Murder holes and arrow slits visible on these models. A few models display the features of Concentric castles designed by returning Crusaders who had experienced warfare in the Holy Land. Gunpowder and cannon balls saw Castles drop as symbols of military strength, but Year 7 have displayed how these structures can still have an imposing physiological impact. Good Work Year 7!

Mr Williams – History Teacher